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Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™

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Regulärer Preis
icon Augenbrauen-, Ohren- und Nasenhaare
icon Hochwertige Rasierqualität
icon Kompaktes, leichtes und weiches Design
icon Augenbrauen-Detailaufsatz
icon SafeShave™-Folien
icon Batterie-LED-Anzeige
icon USB wiederaufladbar
icon Schnelles Laden

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wird! Der Nasentrimmer ist kompakt und leicht und sorgt für maximale Leistung und Komfort! Kraftvolle Klingen mit hoher Rasierstufe verabschieden Ihre überschüssigen Haare. Jetzt als 3-in-1 erhältlich!

Wellshave® 3-in-1 Nasentrimmer Advance

  • Augenbrauen-, Ohren- und Nasenhaare
  • Hochwertige Rasierqualität
  • Kompaktes, leichtes und weiches Design
  • Augenbrauen-Detailaufsatz
  • SafeShave™-Folien
  • Batterie-LED-Anzeige
  • USB wiederaufladbar
  • Schnelles Laden

Schneidet Nasenhaare mühelos!

Dank des leistungsstarken Li-Ionen-Akkus im Nasentrimmer eignet sich der Wellshave® Nasentrimmer zum Trimmen der dicksten und längsten Nasenhaare. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie sich vorher die Nase geputzt haben, um Schmutz zwischen den Klingen des Trimmers zu vermeiden.

Was du wissen musst!

Der Wellshave-Nasenschneider ist mit einem leistungsstarken 8000-U/min-Motor ausgestattet, um Spitzenleistung zu liefern. Am Trimmer befindet sich auch eine LED-Anzeige, die durch ein rotes Licht anzeigt, wenn der Trimmer fast leer ist. Wenn der Akkustand gut ist, leuchtet das Licht weiß. In der Produktion werden SafeShave™-Klingen verwendet, sodass Sie sorgenfrei schneiden können. In diesem Paket ist ein Detailtrimmer enthalten, um die Gesichtsbehaarung noch präziser zu trimmen. Der 3. Aufsatz sorgt für völlige Glätte der rasierten Stellen!

Was ist enthalten?

  • Augenbrauen-Detailaufsatz
  • Luxuriöse Geschenkverpackung
  • Rasieraufsatz
  • Trimmerkörper
  • Nasenaufsatz
  • Aufladekabel
  • Manuelle Bürste

Was ist enthalten?

  • Augenbrauen-Detailaufsatz
  • Luxuriöse Geschenkverpackung
  • Rasieraufsatz
  • Körpertrimmer
  • Nasenaufsatz
  • Aufladekabel
  • Bedienungsanleitung
  • Bürste
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™
Wellshave® 3-in-1 Neustrimmer Advance™

Inside The Box

What's Included with Your Purchase

Well Shave Kit

Trimmer, eyebrow, ear, face and nose hair

Safety Trim

With the unique SkinGard™ Technology


Charging cable, oil, manual, insert card & cleaning brush

Premium package

Full customized gift box

Your best friend in the Bathroom

Choose the 3-in-1 Nose Sculptor Advance from Wellshave to be the best version of yourself.

Unimaginable Design

With the finest of Quality and Power designed for you. In a world where only personal care matters the 3-in-1 Nose Sculptor Advance is build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Contact us at contact@wellshave.nl

What makes Wellshave unique?

Founded by a spirited 21-year-old, Wellshave infuses youthful innovation into the timeless art of shaving. Birthed from dual passions of entrepreneurship and grooming, its authenticity stands unmatched.

Drawing inspiration from the founder's meticulous plumbing background, Wellshave commits to unparalleled precision in its products. Prioritizing the customer's journey, the brand offers both exemplary shaving tools and an unrivaled service experience. Wellshave's tale, transitioning from plumbing to pioneering, embodies its distinctive character in the grooming world.

Are the products high-quality?

Absolutely! At Wellshave, we take pride in offering products that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Each item is meticulously crafted to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

What is Wellshave's return policy?

We stand behind our products and want you to be fully satisfied. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, please return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. Make sure the product is in its original condition and packaging.

What sets Wellshave apart from other grooming stores?

Wellshave is unique due to our blend of youthful innovation and a deep appreciation for the art of grooming. Founded by a passionate young entrepreneur, we combine modern design with time-tested quality. Our brand story, transitioning from plumbing to grooming, further showcases our dedication to precision and craftsmanship.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do! We are pleased to offer international shipping to our customers worldwide. For details on rates and delivery times, please refer to our shipping information page.

How do I care for and maintain my Wellshave products to ensure longevity?

To ensure your Wellshave products stand the test of time, always follow the care instructions provided with each product. Typically, keeping products clean, dry, and stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight will help prolong their life. For more detailed care guidelines, refer to our product care page.

Is my payment information secure when shopping with Wellshave?

Absolutely. Protecting your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. Our website employs advanced encryption methods, ensuring that your personal and payment details remain confidential and secure at all times.

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